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My daughter just finished her first year of dance. She has enjoyed her time at Ultimate Dance Studio so much she is doing three classes next year. Lauren does a great job with the students making them feel confident yet learning the skills needed to be successful. In addition she ensures the students are having fun. The dance studio is very professional and makes you feel like you have known them for years. A family friendly environment. I can't wait till next year and I know both my girls are excited. Thank you for a wonderful introduction to the dance world, we can't wait till the fall. By: By: Abbie Darnley

I would definitely recommend Ultimate Steps Dance studio!  Lauren did such an amazing job with all the kids.  It was my daughter's first time taking Acro and the progress she made from September - May was incredible to see! Lauren loves dance and it was so wonderful to see her passion for dance being transferred to my daughter. Every Tuesday night she was always excited to get on her dance gear and head out to the class! We look forward to taking even more classes in September! By: Christa 

My two daughters signed up for their first year of dance. I could not have asked for a better teacher. They looked forward to dance every week and Lauren was amazing. She encouraged them and was patient and kind. I can't wait for them to dance next season!​ 

By: Julia Chaikoff

When you join Ultimate Steps Dance Studio, you become a part of the Ultimate Steps Dance family!  Lauren, the owner, is an amazing woman who has touched the lives of many dancers and their families.  She puts her heart and soul into finding and providing the best dances possible for her students, creating a positive learning environment and gives them so much support and encouragement!  The instructors are amazing.  They are friendly and energetic and the kids are always friendly to each other.  My daughter smiles the entire time she is in the studio and absolutely loved being a part of the spring dance recital.  I highly recommend Ultimate Steps Dance Studio to anyone who wants their child to take part in an activity that promotes self-confidence and to belong to a family that really cares about each dancer. By: Kristin Read

My family moved to Barrie last Summer and searched for a dance school for our daughter who is now 8. She began dancing in Ballet and Acro at Ultimate Steps in September and we are so happy that she did. Lauren has been an amazing teacher and has truly taught our daughter so much in a relatively short period of time. Our daughter was in Ballet since she was 4 and did not learn as much in that amount of time at her previous dance school as she has learned since September with Lauren. She just started Acro in September with no experience doing it, and now can do so many awesome things like cartwheels, handstands, bridges, and much more. Lauren is always very positive and motivating with her students and it makes the children want to do their best, which was very obvious at the year end recital. We are looking forward to the Fall for our daughter to be dancing with Lauren again! By: Jennifer Fox

In September my two girls, aged 8 and 5 started dance classes with Lauren.  My eldest daughter had the pleasure of learning hip hop classes from time to time at Hyde Park, so when we heard that Lauren was opening her studio, we were interested right away. I would highly recommend that if anyone is looking for a dance studio for their children, to join Ultimate Steps! My daughters have learned so much in the past year, have had so much fun, and have loved going every week! They absolutely adore Ms Lauren, and we can't wait for next year!

By: Christina

My daughter started dancing at Ultimate Steps Dance Studio when she was 3 years old.  Sometimes it can be challenging to find extra-curricular activities for this age group, but the mini-dance program was age appropriate and worthwhile.  The kids love Lauren and seem to hang on her every word.  She makes learning dance so much fun and it's amazing how much they learn in just one year!  As a parent, I loved how organized everything was from registration to the year end recital and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this studio to family and friends.  By: Leanne Nelson

Having known Lauren for over 20 years, I knew my daughter would be in great hands.  Not only does Lauren have exceptional capabilities as a dancer she is also a boundless source of energy when teaching - the combination of which provides her the ability to really encourage, and capitalize on each student's strengths.  I'm very excited to have both my daughters join Lauren next year and can't wait to see their skills grow! By: Laura Day

Lauren is an absolutely amazing dance teacher. My daughter loves her, and learned so much from her Hip/Hop class in just one session. She makes sure that the kids have fun while learning, which is so important. By: Melisa Hurban

Lauren Tasker taught dance to my Grade 4/5 class this past year and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Lauren was extremely professional in her approach and was very accommodating when setting up a schedule to come to my school. The dance recital at the end of the four sessions was a great idea… and the parents loved it! Lauren provided all the resources I needed for this experience, including a permission form for parents and an assessment rubric for me to use. Her classroom management was fantastic and my students loved every class. Lauren's enthusiasm, knowledge and confidence made every student feel comfortable to participate in an inclusive and safe environment. Lauren was great with the kids. I will definitely be booking Ultimate Steps Dance Studio to come back to my class next year. Thanks, Lauren, for a great experience. By: Warren Kirwan

For the past 2 years Lauren Tasker has helped me meet the expectations of the Grade 1 Dance Curriculum! My classes have had the pleasure of learning various Jazz and Hip Hop routines with Lauren. She has a natural ability to instruct students of varying ages and abilities! Lauren uses excellent strategies to help the students connect dance moves to everyday movements that they are comfortable with. It is a pleasure watching the kids work with Lauren...the smiles, laughs and rosy cheeks say it all! By: Cara Thatcher

Lauren Tasker is an AMAZING dancer, let alone, dance teacher! All of the students love her and she is truly a wonderful teacher!! I was a ballerina for 20 years, yet I cannot compare to the skills and knowledge Lauren has when it comes to dancing. I would definitely have a lot to learn from her myself! Any child would be lucky to have Lauren as their dance teacher! Her energy is contagious and her talent is speechless. Every child that she works with loves her and adores her. She has a very natural way of making kids feel comfortable and special. As a kindergarten teacher myself, I know how important that is! Children can't get enough of her. Being a dancer is not easy and can be hard work, but with Lauren as your teacher, the sky is the limit! I am extremely impressed with her organization, positive outlook, dance skills, love for children and motivation. Ultimate Steps Dance Studio is the place to go to!​ By: Lindsey Kaminski